Phobias Hypnotherapy Grantham

Phobias Hypnotherapy Grantham

Phobias Hypnotherapy Grantham. Hypnotherapy Treatments for Fears and Phobias Grantham.

Hypnotherapy for Phobias GranthamMany people seek hypnotherapy to help them with irrational fears and phobias which can really curtail the quality of life.

Hypnotherapy has an excellent and proven track record at successfully treating phobias.

There are two main types of general phobia:
Specific phobias: (e.g. fear of spiders, fear of flying)
Social Phobias: (e.g. fear of social blushing or embarrassment)

Phobias Hypnotherapy Grantham treatment for phobias is methodical and effective.

  • Firstly you will learn and practice an effective relaxation or anti-anxiety technique from the world of “Energy Therapy”.
  • Secondly Michael will introduce you to hypnosis and self-hypnosis and begin to build confidence and a greater sense of control for you.
  • Finally, and most importantly, he’ll systematically ‘desensitise’ you to those fears by having you imagine being in those situations while under hypnosis and practicing deep relaxation as you rehearse those situations in your mind and imagination. By repeatedly imagining yourself in those situations (mind mapping) while he instructs you to relax builds a new automatic normal response to the fear.

Systematic desensitization has a long history of effectiveness in clinical studies. It is a type of behavioural therapy used in the field of psychology to help effectively overcome phobias and other anxiety disorders and combined with hypnosis achieves better and permanent results more rapidly.

Treatment Length
Single session “fast phobia cures” are not always the best approach to this subject for clients nor always long-lasting.
While much can be achieved in one or two sessions, usually 3-5 sessions are needed to ensure that you are permanently free from the phobia.

Common phobias Dr. Michael Millett has treated:

Social Anxiety Grantham. Social Phobias Grantham

Fear of social situations
Fear of blushing
Fear of sweating
Fear of trembling
Fear of stuttering
Fear of confrontation
Fear of public speaking
Fear of business meetings
Fear of criticism
Fear of rejection

Fears related to acute anxiety or panic attacks Grantham

Agoraphobia: The term agoraphobia has been widely misunderstood. It is really having the fear of having panicky feelings or a fear of having a panic attack and not receiving help or where it would be difficult or embarrassing to escape to a safe place or person.

Claustrophobia: an irrational fear of having no escape or being closed-in, such as a small room or a plane.

Fear of losing control
Fear of a heart attack or a physical illness
Fear of choking or suffocating
Fear of fainting or collapsing
Fear of sickness or Emetephobia
Fear of poison or being poisoned or Toxiphobia
Fear of vomiting
Fear of birth
Fear of death
Fear of urinating in public toilets
Fear of loss of bowel control

Fears of Objects, Situations or Activities

Fear of Flying
Fear of Dogs
Fear of Spiders
Fear of Lifts or Fear of Escalators
Fear of Hospitals and Surgery
Fear of General Anaesthetic
Fear of Needles
Fear of Public Transport
Fear of Driving
Fear of Exams
Fear of Loneliness and Abandonment
Fear of Being Harmed
Fear of Material Loss and Poverty
Fear of the Dentist or Dental Surgery
Fear of Heights
Fear of Bridges
Fear of Driving Test
Fear of Disease
Fear of Pain
Fear of Injections
Fear of the Dark

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  • Michael`s fees are £60 for an hour`s session.
  • Located in Dudley Road, Grantham, close to Grantham Town Centre. Free parking on
    the street and off-street parking too.
  • Clients with mobility difficulties can be seen with ease.

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