The Mental Massage in Grantham

The Mental Massage in Grantham. Hypnosis for Stress Reduction

Stress Help in Grantham

Do you need to unwind, chill, relax, de-stress and slow down into an altered state of awareness ? Are you under pressure?

Well, meditation is NOT the answer in this context. But hypnotherapy is !

Meditation of course widens our conscious awareness and re-connects us with our higher consciousness.

But we are unable to do meditation well or properly when we are stressed. Our mind is like a TV that isn’t tuning properly. Everything is distorted and disrupted or doesn`t gel very well.

Trying to meditate when you are feeling pressure and stressed is not going to work properly or not work at all.

Negative Stress is very dangerous !! Stress isn’t just a state of mind. It can also seriously harm the body.

Stress Management GranthamStress makes our immune systems less effective because it actually elicits an immune response itself. Stress causes the body to release pro-inflammatory cytokines, immune factors that initiate responses against infections. When the body produces these cytokines over long periods of time— for instance, as a result of chronic stress— all sorts of bad things can and often do happen. Not only does it hamper our body’s ability to fight infection and heal wounds, but chronic inflammation also increases our risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and autoimmune diseases including type 2 diabetes.

Not to mention Stress kills our libido and our enjoyment of life. It destroys our power and cuts off the internal flow to our creative and innate talents and abilities.

That is exactly where hypnotherapy in Grantham comes in to help with negative stress. Grantham Hypnosis helps people into an altered restful state of awareness where they become receptive to suggestions that are for their benefit and with their approval – ideas, concepts and new thoughts to heal the mind. When one`s body is at ease then mind healing can finally begin.

The more sessions you do the better you get at relaxing.

The Hypnotherapy Clinic in Grantham now offers you an excellent service to do just that with an hours session for only £60.

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You will leave the Clinic of Hypnotherapy and Holistic Practices with Dr. Michael G Millett feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and confident – more able to take on the challenges of everyday life.

Hypnotherapy for Stress Management in GranthamMichael is a qualified hypnotherapist since 1995, he established a very successful private practice in the heart of London, Elevated Therapy International ®- which developed into one of the most recognised hypnotherapy practices in the country for all people that are serious in getting beyond their problems and issues and reach their full potential.
Michael also practiced for a while in Harley Street, London W1 and at the Replingham Clinic in Southfields, London SW18.

“Michael`s best talent was described as unlocking and dealing with destructive subconscious states that lead to physical and emotional pain. His hypnotherapy worked so deeply and was combined with such pragmatic advice”. (London News).

Michael was included in the London Paper` exhaustively researched list as an alternative health expert and one of London`s Top 50 Wellbeing Gurus.

He is now a supervising hypnotherapist as well as being a professional hypnotherapy practitioner now located in Grantham and very skillful over many years and with all issues and more.

Book now for that positive feeling factor !

Group sessions can also be arranged.

The sessions are designed to promote an inner sense of well-being WITHOUT addressing specific issues.

The hypnosis side of the session lasts about 45 minutes and there is another 15 minutes to give clients the opportunity to understand the process and discuss any matters they might wish to bring up.

Appointments 7 days per week and two late evenings.

Michael looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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